Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Today I'll be referring you to a point system reward site which is totally legit and unlike other sites, you actually get to choose your rewards as you like; because they are affiliated with Given this freedom to do so, the incentives to join are way much more than your normal average rewards site. How often do you dream of getting that free Iphone, laptop, or even just something small unique and fun? Whatever you can buy on you can certainly redeem it as a prize through the site. Earning points to redeem for prizes are quite easy. You can play games with wagers and if you win the round you win the pot. You can do surveys, offers, and even incentive offers by joining paid programs. If you ever planned on getting direct TV, why not do it with getting something back? Use those points or save up to get something greater on the long run. Take a look yourself and at the prizes they have (like I said, literally whatever Amazon sells you can get, YES! even a vehicle!!). Just follow the banner on the bottom and browse the site with your own eyes. You'll like what you see, trust me.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Traffic but no Profit?

Many blog sites nowadays with quality content have many traffic but yet hardly earning any profit. Why is that? Because readers now know how to avoid or have become totally oblivious to Google Ads knowing that they pay us blog owners an X amount of cash per clicks, and some readers just aren't generous.

What you can do to change that

Even though you're already providing quality content to target readers to your page, but yet it is still not earning enough for you. What you need to do is to write quality contents WITH incentives of what you are writing. Maybe you're writing about a good website domain to buy that is affordable, reliable, and have very great services. You can become an affiliate marketer by signing up with that site and create a banner or link code which you can display in your blog.

For example, if you scroll further down my blog you will see an Ad for Blue Host. They are a website domain provider who offers great services with affordable prices. Tell something that the website can do what most others can't. For instance, Blue Host is affiliated with WordPress and Wordpress is a blog template optimizer which helps you create the unique, fresh look that can help your site be user friendly. And with Blue Host it's a one click to upload your new blog template which you used WordPress to create. Information like that will get readers interested because maybe the thought of opening an actual website have been lingering around their head for quite some time now, and if you're a trustworthy blogger(hopefully I am), your readers may want to give that site a try. Thus earning yourself a referral profit. Who said you can only make money off of Google Ads? With a blog site your choices are limitless! you just got to find the right ones. To sign up click on this link

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not getting enough traffic?


To new bloggers who are not getting enough traffic flowing to their site. You try to think of ways and ways to invite others to your page but no luck, but if you keep doing what I've said to do you'll be sure to get that traffic in no time! Here is another way by publishing your content in multiple sites that pays. For one, is they provide easy publishing and for every content you publish you can be paid up front or paid based on performances. Very easy to sign up and most of all its free!

You may also want to advertise your Blog through these "Site submission" sites to increase traffic!
here's what to do.

1. go to all the links I've provided, and submit your site so they can help you advertise your blog site when others search up keywords that are relevant to your contents.

Google ADD
Yahoo ADD
Bing ADD
Pingomatic ADD

all is very simple to do and i recommend you do it if you haven't yet!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 = NO for Google Adsense

Did you guys take an interest with because someone recommended you the site to increase traffic for your website/blogs? well certainly it's not lying or scamming you for your money, it does produce extra traffic to your site by doing "traffic exchange" where you visit other sites, and they visit yours. But the traffic you are getting are unintentional so they might not even look at your site so your ads won't even be clicked for profit. Also should you know that this program is against for use on any websites that contains Google Adsense. Google prohibits traffic exchange where it is like "You click on my link and I will click on yours" It is against Google Adsense Program Policies, and may lead to cancellation of your account. So i recommend not using this program for your site if you have any ads from google in it. Also after when you sign up you will have to buy an upgrade to get better features and more traffic. So its up you, pay for traffic that will eventually lead to ending your Google account? Or work hard by promoting your site by building links on social networking sites? your choice.

Google Adsense application denied??

To new bloggers who have tried to create a Google Adsense account by providing your free blog site url into the sign up part "website url" box will not be accepted! They will only accept private domains which is something like ( but if you do not want to open a new site just for google ads, I will show you how with another site you can use as an alternative way to approve your account.

So what I suggest you to do is that you create an account with Hymoo if you haven't already, because Hymoo allows you to create your own topic forum which can be used as your own site, also that Hymoo enables you to add your Google Adsense account to earn profits made by ad clicks in your topic forum and elsewhere you had participated in. It's a win-win, so sign up! Here's how to begin.

1. Create an account with Hymoo.

2. Go back to Google Adsense and re-submit your application only this time you will put in your Hymoo's account site in the "website URL" box. (if you don't know which link to put in, your link should be your "My Profile" URL link.

3. Wait for approval, meanwhile go be active on Hymoo forums and create your own unique topic forum!

4. After you had been approved go back to Hymoo and put in your Google Adsense ID into your profile. Don't worry, your ID won't show up on your actual profile.

5. Monetize with Google ads on your page and blog sites!

Paid to post

Paid to post. Although i have yet to try this site out myself really, but after i had read all the reviews and how many people actually got paid was well in the positives so i thought i can introduce to you my fellow readers - another simple way to get paid by doing what you do already. Post on topic forums you're already interested in, start discussions, become an active user on this site and you'll be darn sure free money does exist!! this site is myLot. Here's what to do.

1. go to myLot and sign up.
2. start posting, creating discussions and make some friends!

tip - create your own or find discussions relevant to your blog site and promote it there!
Every social networking site is a site for you to promote your blog site. But prior to that some forums prohibit spamming, posting just your link on threads etc. Please read the disclaimer before doing anything to keep your forum account from being banned. Most Forum sites do allow you to put your website link as a signature which will show up on the bottom of all posts you make.

Forex trading

Forex trading, probably most of you have heard of Forex but to those who haven't, they are a good site to make money off of. This is a trading site for stocks and currencies. Those who are willing to spend some money to make money Forex trading is the way to go. You can start small by depositing only $25 to start trading. But for those who doesn't want to spend any money, Forex trading does have affiliate program where you can earn up to a certain percent from how many people join the site through your referral link. It's simple and easy. Here's what to do

Both options are different sites so to become either one you must click on the right link.

For those who want to become an affiliate marketer.

1. sign up at and wait around 1-2 days for approval.
2. make your banner or links and post it on your site.
3. sit back relax and let your customers do all the clicking for you!

For those who want to become an investor.

Please click on the banner below to continue.

Start Trading Forex in Seconds - With Only $25

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ways to make extra income - To begin

Ways to make extra income.

I am no professional blogger nor is my English grammar great. So please, bear with the errors i will make along all my blogs.

As it starts out, my blogging life begins with a few (actually a lot) of searches for ways to make "free," "easy" money online. I have learned that "free," and "easy" money does exist but very hard to attain. Perhaps you can make more money by getting a second job or yet maybe a first? but the great thing about creating extra revenue off the internet is that you're able to work your own time, sorta like the big mafia boss, do whatever you like and whenever you like, well...not really, but in a sense, yes. You can work on your own free time and for as long as you want. The more time you invest in these "online" ways to make extra income, the more you'll definitely earn.

You can earn money by doing surveys online (gotta be careful with whom you decide to work with) earn money by searching with search engine's that pays you to do so. Get paid by posting on forums, paid to click. There are just so many out there that can do you some good. The problem is... is that they're hard to find, very few legit sites that actually pay you for your time. Because of the rise of unemployment rates has increased numerously throughout the year, some company noticed that people out there are desperate and in dire of cash, with no positive income they're desperate to find way to make money online. So company who had realized that are taking advantage of us, by luring us in claiming that we can make $2,000, $3,500, even $5,000 a month!! "for a small, $2.95 we'll show you how!" but in the end who profits? nope, not us, THEY do. Don't lose money by investing your time in something you can't gain. Save yourself the trouble and do some research before getting sucked into those enticing offers.

Let me show you what it is like to earn that "extra" income per month. And it's not a whole lot, but like i said the more time you invest the more you'll earn. I'll start by giving a brief info on which i am doing at the moment and maybe if you like it, give it a try! and the great thing about the ones I've chosen out, is that they don't require any fees, it's free to sign up with nothing to pay for afterwards!!! now that's "FREE," and "EASY" money.

if you don't have a Google Adsense account I recommend in applying for one because well, if you don't have one how else you're going to make money?

#1. Blogging - as many of you know, blogging has become increasingly one of the highest online extra income earners alongside with Freelancing. If you do it right it might just be your way to earning enough to live off just blogging. Finding your own interest to write about. Sharing information others seek for. There's so many you can write about to become a blogger and make money while you're doing it! Here's what to do

1. create your own blog site to write your things (your niche) i recommend - the one I'm using.
2. get traffic by advertising to your friends through Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo etc etc.
3. Monetize with Google Adsense.
4. utilize the forums to its full potential and other social networking sites (hymoo, facebook, myspace.) and there you will advertise your blog site. The more you post, the more viewers you may get.

#2. Forums - what? you can make money with forums? yes, i know its hard to believe since there were so many forums you've probably joined or know some right? well here i have came across this forum site which i say is quite unique. you can get paid for posting, and creating your own little forum. The great thing about this site is that once you've created a topic forum, no one else can create something similar, so that topic is all yours! yes, no competition right? and you can also have it affiliated with your Google Adsense account and earn profit there as well. If you don't have a Google Adsense account you won't be able to make any money!! Now, enough talk! i know you want to this get into this! well look no further and just click >>>here<<< - you will need a liberty reserve account to get paid from this site. They pay you from .5 - .20 cents per each post and the quality of it. So the longer it is the more you will get paid. All you gotta do is just visit the site and join up! And start your postings right away.

#3. Search - If you already use Yahoo and Google then you already know what searching means. Who wouldn't like to search with a search engine that pays you to do so? Just join up with swagbucks and you're good to go.

Swagbucks - Gives you Swagbucks like virtual cash which you can use to redeem for great prizes like gift cards, game consoles, ipod, cell phones, air miles etc etc) however you don't get a point per search, you get them randomly every now and then and they can range from $1sb, $2sb, $3sb, $5sb, and so on but there are no limits to how many searches you can make per day. So the more you search the more chances you'll have in getting some Swag bucks. They also have a little game where have "hidden" text around the pages of swag bucks and through your search results. find the hidden text and claim the prize of a random Swag buck amount. Here's what to do

1. sign up for Swag buck.
2. download their easy access search tool bar.
3. Just use the Swagbucks search bar every time you search and win!
4. watch your points grow and catch that prize you've been eying!
(Who wouldn't like to get free airline miles?? Use it for your next vacation!)

#4. Surveys - For some who have tried or thought of doing surveys has lost hope in it due to many uncertainties. For one, some you'll have to pay and sign up for offers, and so on and so on in which it leads to stress with the site. Some you'll even have to pay to begin receiving surveys! Here is one site i use and works like it said it does. Get paid for doing surveys. This site does not give unlimited surveys for you to do instead it gives out limited surveys you can do per month based on the interest you've inputted. Instead of cash they give out points per survey where you can later redeem them for gift cards, via paypal payments, donations to foundations, and many more. Here's what to do.

1. sign up at (free)
2. wait to receive surveys!

I know it is not much but hey, if you can accumulate enough points for something you want on your free time then it's worth it.

to do all these is crucial in making that extra income! i can't say exactly how much you'll make because it is all depend on how much time you're willing to invest. As you can see Google Adsense plays a very significant role in these online money maker sites. So if you don't have one, apply for one!. nuff said, and go make some money!

You know, don't waste money on secrets company say you can buy when really there isn't a secret. My secret is FREE and and it WORKS, and really it's not even a secret! just weeks and weeks of researching and experimenting.

"when you don't do anything, don't expect anything" - couch potato